And So It Begins

Welcome, welcome to Gastrotastic with Mazzi B the blog for the food lover who likes things pretty and easy, and when cooking at home, in these impecunious times, not too expensive; although I cannot promise this all the time, as the inner champagne tastes, lemonade pockets styles and fashions that are often my want may occasionally come to the fore. However, look no further for tips, hints, restaurant reviews and most of all scrummy recipes, mostly for the dream price of ingredients that cost  £20 for 4 at your local supermarket….

A little Bit About Me:

My name is Mazzi, and when I am not writing books and articles, dancing to top tunes or poring over the latest modes from Planet Fashion, I love to cook, eat and drink. For me, food is one of those things that can deliver on all the five senses: it can look amazing, it can smell divine, obviously it wins out on taste and texture (perfect Brownies anyone for those who dare to doubt the last statement?) and even on sound it can truly excite…yes, there is nothing quite as thrilling for me as the sound of a popping champagne cork (Pol Roger in case you were wondering or indeed offering) especially if accompanied with the crack of a lobster claw dipped in a lime and coriander mayo …as I said, all five senses are catered for…

Me On A Good Day

But delish food needn’t come at an expensive price tag or indeed require a professional kitchen to create. All the recipes are easy to follow (road tested on children, the domestically challenged and in kitchen spaces that do not look like a TV set) and more to the point wallet friendly, unless marked with the special BTB (Blow The Budget) icon! Bon Apetit Peeps!


2 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. I certainly look forward to trying out these recipes at home on the weekends, I’m salivating already! Great stuff Maz xxx

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