Happy Birthday Gastrotastic!

A year ago today, Gastrotastic was launched. The premise was simple enough, create delicious and gorgeous looking food that neither breaks the bank or requires a gadget laden kitchen to prepare.


 Our first year has seen us produce Easter feasts, rise to the vegan and no carb challenge and prove that molluscs and shellfish needn’t bring out a cold sweat in the novice chef. 

We’ve also been privileged to participate in philanthropy (A Private Dinner cooked by Gastrotastic is a lot in the forthcoming auction for www.eartheducationproject.org), brought a dollop of fun to a host of private classes and dinners held across London and continue to reach a wider audience with our YouTube Channel.

 To find out what we make for our party this weekend, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, like us on Facebook or follow @Mazzi_B on Twitter. And if you want Gastrotastic to help you with your next culinary event contact me on mazzi@mazzibinaisa.com.

 Thanks to you all for your support, to my nephew for his encouragement in making this blog happen and Quarterstaff for all their incredible filming expertise. And in case you were wondering, the streaky bacon didn’t disappoint one bit! 


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