The Lagos Kitchen

Gastrotastic is back and the kitchen has moved  locations from leafy west London to super sunny Lagos. Excitement as a word doesn’t even cover it. Lagos is home to at least 17 million souls so one can only imagine the range of delish meals being rustled up.

We have used the change of location to mix things up a bit. Whilst before we shared recipes, vlogs and the occasional review, we are now adding cunning food hacks, a what’s in season fruit and vegetable wise and championing local food heroes whenever we find them. The recipes will still be there, but expect to see re-imaginings of dishes that are local to Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

super close up bananas

So what have I found out so far in Naija? First, the fresh produce is incredible. Fruit looks photo=shopped and is super sweet and vegetables are so flavoursome that sometimes it seems impolite to add anything more than the tiniest bit of salt. Meat is most definitely an adventure, chicken gizzards, giant snails, slow cooked cow skin have all been on the menu, and being on the Atlantic Ocean, fish and seafood is a veritable festival.

nigerian produce gastrotastic

My current foodie BFF is a stallholder in GRA Ikeja who stocks the best apple bananas I have eaten outside of Kampala and dwarf aubergines that are best simply griddled, with a splash of olive oil, or better yet as a healthy accompaniment to a slightly naughty portion of Suya.

at the market gastrotastic


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