The Naked Cake

Nude Cakes have always been a very, very exciting concept to me. As someone who has always loved sweet treats of all kinds, and cakes in particular, the idea of a cake devoid of icing, standing on its own terms of flavour appeals to my occasionally purist nature. I must also add at this point that I am not a massive fan of icing. Yes, there are quite a few of us who diligently scrape it off for any number of reasons. Often times it is either too sweet, or too hard, or comes in colours so lurid that only the under 12’s would cheer in anticipation of consumption. My other issue with icing is when the cake to icing ratio is so out of synch that it really does become all about the icing, with cupcakes being a particular offender in this instance, with their swirly pyramids of the stuff. I witnessed the pinnacle of icing worship at a fashion party, where the cake had been dispensed with altogether and instead guests were offered icing shots all on their own!

But back to nude cakes, the little black dress of the pudding world, could they be found beyond the organic food shops, farmer’s market stalls and trendy patisseries I had left behind overseas or was I to resign myself to a cake eating hiatus as my pudding palate needs were no longer properly met? My answer came in discovering Rosalita’s , based in Yaba, Lagos, and committed to championing nude cakes in all their glory and curiously, Sangria too.

My first cake sample came at a tasting where I had the pleasure of trying the carrot and chocolate varieties. Cutting into the cake I was struck by how moist it looked, after months of seeing cakes that on sight let alone taste looked as dry as the Sahara, this was already promising. And as for taste: the plate scraped clean of crumbs was testimony to the exquisite flavours, where the carrots, nuts, dried fruit and spices shone and the good quality cocoa was not obscured by an over the top sugary coating. Being a caring, sharing sort I ordered cakes to share with colleagues, aiming to convert them too to the ways of the nude cake. This time I opted for the rum raisin and the chocolate rum raisin. The rum raisin tasted like an edible cocktail with its boozy hit and the chocolate rum raisin felt like the intense and sexy sibling to the chocolate cake I had previously tried and loved.  Again, it was a case of cleared plates and smiles all round.

It's all about the cake

It’s all about the cake!

I am delighted to type that there is still more to try on the menu: the banana seeming too tantalising to resist. Not only that, but visiting the website and having downloaded the app (yes, it really is that delish), I couldn’t help notice that the menu read like my ultimate pudding playlist: Crumbles, Cheesecakes and Scones all present and correct. At some point I may have to get disciplined, but right now, let the feasting begin!